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First Stage Decisions for the November 2008 Season are completed

Postal carrierApplicants who submitted an application for a Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, a Post-Ph.D. Research Grant, or a Hunt Postdoctoral Grant were all e-mailed on February 9th, 2009 indicating the outcome of the first screening of their application.

E-mails were sent to the e-mail address you used to submit your application on-line to the Foundation. If you did not receive this information contact us by e-mail for further information. If you have any change of snail mail or e-mail address over the decision period it is your responsibility to inform the Foundation indicating your changes. Final decisions on grant applications submitted for the November 2008 deadline should normally be made starting from April 2009. Please make sure we have all your correct information at that time in order to recieve the final decision on your application.