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Archaeology in your living room

June 30, 2009

Dr. Joe WatkinsTime Team America will premiere on PBS on Wednesday July 8th, 7 p.m. The series will run from July 8 to August 5, 2009

Part extreme adventure, part hard science, and part reality show, Time Team America takes viewers deep into the trenches of America's most intriguing archaeological sites. Dr. Joe Watkins will appear on the show as one of the team's five archaeologists. In each episode, the show's team of top scientists has just three days to uncover the buried secrets of their assigned dig. Every hour counts as they piece together the past using the latest technology, decades of combined experience and their own sharp wits. Far from the comfort of a science lab, Time Team America faces different challenges and visit sites that range from 13,000 year old chart quarries to a late 19th century U.S. fortress. Following its popularity in the UK, Time Team debuts in the US, bringing archaeology into the public's home as they watch intense conversations between experts and share the rush of discovery as artifacts emerge from the ground.

Joe Watkins, PhD, RPA is the Director of the Native American Studies Program at the University of Oklahoma, as well as an Adjunct Associate Professor in the University's Department of Anthropology. He is 1/2 Choctaw Indian, and has been involved in archaeology for forty years. His research interests include the ethical practice of anthropology and anthropology's relationships with descendant communities and Aboriginal populations. He has published numerous articles on these topics as a means of trying to expand the conversation between Indigenous groups and anthropologists. His research examined archaeologists' responses to questionnaire scenarios concerning their perceptions of American Indian issues. Dr. Watki