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The 2011/2012 New York Academy of Science, Anthropology Lecture series

September 6, 2011

Richard Parker (Columbia University) before his May 2011 talk having dinner and talking to the audience at the NYAS meeting


The Anthropology Section of the New York Academy of Sciences continues its third season of talks, for the 2011/2012 academic year, at the Wenner-Gren Foundation offices. AS with the previous years, all seminars are preceded by a dinner and are open to the public. Join us for another set of lively presentations from speakers engaged with a range of topics from throughout the field. 

September 26, 2011

Beyond Imperial Knowledge: A Forum Inspired by the Work of Fernando Coronil

Chair: Katherine Vedery
Presentations by Marc Edelman (Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY)
Ana María Ochoa (Columbia University)
Edward Linedecker Murphy (Michigan State University)


October 31, 2011

The Contradictions of “Combined Development:” Some Reflections on Environmental Crises in India

Ananth Aiyer, U Michigan, Flint.

Over the last two decades, the spectacular growth of the Indian economy has been integrally related to deepening forms of inequality and heightened forms of direct and indirect forms of state violence. Hyperconsumerism, in its various guises, by a small yet sizeable “middle class,” land grabs by a variety of national and global conglomerates (especially mining companies), and the forced relocation of millions of poor and indigenous rural dwellers, are some of the highlights of the current development model. This paper seeks to explore some of the contradictions in this model by analyzing multiple environmental crises (ranging from natural resource privatization and depletion to enclosures and denial of livelihood rights) that have emerged. It argues that efforts by the state and capital to “manage” such crises not only uphold the basic tenets of a “growth” model but also deepen conditions of conflict and violence borne by the poor majority  .


December 5, 2011