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Layoung Shin

Layoung Shin, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY, 2012 Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, "'Performing Like a Star': Pop Culture and Sexuality among Young Women in Neoliberal South Korea"

Shin attending the 10th memorial service of the late Yook Woo-dang, a 19-year-old gay who was a member of Donginryun ("Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea") and committed suicide. Shin writes “Yook Woo-dang left a suicide note expressing anger and criticism of the Christian Right for their homophobia and discrimination against LGBT people. Yook Woo-dang is the epitome of the oppressed but proud Korean LGBT youth. This memorial service was held to commemorate his death and stand up for LGBT rights and liberation that he dreamed of. I have been the part of the group to organize this service, which is related with my research interest on queer youth.“