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Marc Askew

Marc Askew,  Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, Post PhD Grant, 2007, "Neighbourhood in a Time of Danger: Buddhist and Muslim Villagers amidst Thailand’s Southern Insurgency."

Photo: Marc Askew (center) discusses security concerns with a village headman and Thai army captain at a Buddhist temple in Pattani Province, southern Thailand (May 2007).

Loukas Barton

Loukas Barton, University of California, Davis, CA, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2006,  "Human Diet and Domestication: A Critical Evaluation of Low-Level Food Production in Northwest China.”

Loukas Barton collects flotation samples from an excavation unit at Dadiwan, an early Neolithic site in Gansu Province, northwest China (July 2006).


Azza Basarudin

Azza Basarudin, U. of California, Los Angeles, CA, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2006, "Recreating Communities of the Faithful?: Negotiating Gender, Religion, and Feminism in Egypt and Malaysia."

Azza Basarudin (back row, 5th from left) with members of Sisters In Islam (SIS), Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia (March 2007)

Meredith Bastian

Meredith Bastian, Duke U., Durham, NC, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2005,  "Effects of a Dispersal Barrier on Cultural Similarity in Wild Bornean Orangutans"

Wenner-Gren Funding permitted the construction of a 1.6km boardwalk system leading from camp to the east and north through the center of the 200ha Sungai Lading study area was constructed.  The boardwalk was constructed by a team of local villagers by mounting ca. 25cm wide x 2m long boards on wooden stakes at variable heights between 18 - 125cm above the peat swamp. The boardwalk was essential to working in this particular swamp forest, which is located deep within the flood zone, in order to efficiently move throughout the transect system.  Without such a boardwalk, it would take up to twice as long to reach the orangutan morning nest and to return to camp after the focal lies down on its nest in the evening during the rainy season.  The rainy season in this area lasts between 7-8 months of the year with water levels reaching nearly 2m at the height of the season. Considering that even with a boardwalk observers must leave camp by 3:30 each morning and do not return to camp until well after dark each evening, this project would have been impossible without such a boardwalk system. 


Anya Bernstein

Anya Bernstein, New York University, New York, NY, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2007, "Transformations in Siberian Buddhism: Mobility, Visuality, and Piety in Buryat Worlds."

Anya Bernstein with one of her ethnographic consultants, a Siberian Buryat nun Ani Tenzin, at a pilgrimage site in Himachal Pradesh, India.  (February 2008) The statue is of Padmasambhava (still under construction), a great Buddhist saint who brought Buddhism from India to Tibet.  

Amanuel Beyin

Amanuel Beyin, Stony Brook University. Stony Brook, NY, Dissertation Field Grant, 2006, "Paleolithic Investigation on the Red Sea Coast of Eritrea."

Amanuel at Asfet Middle Stone Age site standing inside Excavation Unit F holding mullusk shells just recovered from about 20 cm below surface.

Laura Bidner

Laura Bidner, Arizona State U., Tempe, AZ, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2005, "Predator-prey interactions between Leopards and Chacma Baboons in South Africa"

Laura Bidner and professional wildlife trapper, Dairen Simspon, with a young, adult, female leopard fitted with a radio-collar for monitoring during the study.  Loskop Dam Nature Reserve, South Africa (August 2006).

John Bunce

John Bunce, U. of California, Davis, CA, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2005,  "Behavioral Genetics of Color Vision for a Wild Neotropical Monkey."

John Bunce collecting behavioral data on Callicebus brunneus (brown titi monkey) with a handheld computer (in yellow case) Estación Biológica de Cocha Cashu, Manu National Park, Perú November 2005

Peter Cahn

Peter Cahn, University of Okalahoma, Norman, OK, Post-Ph.D. Research Grant, 2005, "The Great Commission: Direct Selling in Mexico

Peter Cahn on the left with his "bride," an Omnilife consumer (Omnilife is a pyramid selling scheme)at the birthday party for the daughter of a distributor of vitamin supplements.

Svea Closser

Svea Closser., Emory University, Atlanta, GA, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2006, "Global Development in Policy and Practice: The Polio Eradication Initiative from Atlanta to Rural Pakistan."

Photograph: Svea Closser in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, with three of the thirty million children targeted for immunization in the Polio Eradication Initiative in Pakistan.

Marina Cords

Marina Cords, Colombia University, New York, NY, Post-Ph.D. Research Grant, 2006, "Collective Action, Kinship and Reciprocity: Communal Territorial Defense in an Old World Monkey"

Marina Cords holds up a successfully collected fecal sample from a blue monkey in the Kakamega Forest, Kenya. (Fecal samples used to determine kinship.)

A. Catherine D'Andrea

A. Catherine D'Andrea, Simon Fraser U., Burnaby, BC, Canada, Post-Ph.D. Research Grant, 2004, "Ethnoarchaeological Studies of Sorghum, Middle Nile Basin, Sudan."

Catherine and interpreter Mr. Bahri Sayed Mohammed in the kitchen of Mrs. Noura Mohammad Ali documenting wet-grinding of sorghum grain for use in baking flatbread (October 2005)

Fabrice Demeter

Fabrice Demeter, Musee de l'Homme, Paris, France, Post-Ph.D. Research Grant, 2006,  "Archaeological and Palaeontological Research on Upper Mekong River Terraces in Cambodia."

Fabrice Demeter and workers on Sre Sbov

Bright B. Drah

Bright B. Drah, U. of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2008, "Crisis Fostering in an Age of HIV/AIDS: Experiences of Queen Mothers of Manya Krobo, Ghana."

Bright Drah interviewing Manye Maku (queen mother) of Kpong at her shop, Africania Beads Boutique at Kpong in Lower Manya Krobo District, Ghana. November 2009.

Marta Alfonso Durruty

Marta P. Alfonso Durruty  Binghamton U., Binghamton, NY, Dissertation Research Grant, 2006, "Analysis of Harris Line in Relation to Non-Linear, Saltatory Growth Patterns."

Marta P. Alfonso Durruty. Analysing radiographs from experimental animals. May, 2007

Carolyn Fisher

Carolyn Fisher, CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2006, “Do Gourmet Fair Trade Markets Produce Inequality Among Small-Scale Nicaraguan Coffee Farmers?

Carolyn Fisher conducting an interview with Arcadia Escorcia in her home. Doña Arcadia is a small-scale coffee farmer in Matagalpa, Nicaragua and member of a fair-trade certified producers´ cooperative. (December, 2006.)

Frank Salomon

Dr. Frank Salomon University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, Post-Ph.D. Research Grant, 2005, "The Patrimonial Khipus of Rapaz, Peru

Grantee at work with the vice president of the peasant community, Víctor Gallardo, who supervises the researchers. In the background are the khipus. In the foreground, the leaf is coca and the bag is a coca bag or walki. A small coca offering is essential when approaching the khipus, and you must also pronounce an invocation to the effect of, "khipu house and storehouse, let it be for the good, with your assent, with our good will."  The reason the men have their hats off is that this creates a sacred context. Hats are so much part of the male profile that, in the locally invented deaf-mute gestural language, the sign form "man" is to touch an imagined or real hat brim.

Karin Friederic

Karin Friederic, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2007, "Violent Frontiers: Women's Rights, Intimate Partner Violence, and the State in Ecuador."

Karin Friederic at a Quinceañera Fiesta in NW Ecuador, with her friend who was turning 15 years old.

Masako Fujita

Masako Fujita, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2006, "An Evolutionary Perspective on Mother-Offspring Vitamin A Transfer."

Masako Fujita in front of a field station with her research assistant, Abdilatif Khalifa. The pigeon in his hand is a gift for Masako from a member of the study community, Kituruni. The children in the photo are children of research staff members and neighbors. Kituruni, Marsabit District, Kenya (August, 2006).

Gang Hu

Gang Hu, the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, Wadsworth Fellow, 2003.

Gang HU (right) and Z.J. XIAO (field assistant) did scan sampling at Mayanghe Nature Reserve, Northeast Guizhou, China. (November 2005).

Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi

Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2005, "The Political Use of Ahimsa (Non-Violence) and Vegetarianism in Post-Independent Ahmedabad."

Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi in 2005 with dear friend Iqbal Mansuri, cloth  merchant in Ahmedabad.  The picture was taken by a local mujawar  (religious caretaker) of the Rani-no-Haziro (built 1445 A.D.), the  shrine in honor of Bibi Mughali, the wife of Sultan Muhammad Shah  II.  The tomb is located opposite the King's tomb at Manek Chowk in the heart of old Ahmedabad.

Rigels Halili

Rigels Halili, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2006, "Oral Epic Poetry in Kosovo and Sandzak Nowadays.

Rigels Halili with the singer Rrustem Bajrami and his wife Take Bajrami, in their house in the town of Peja, Kosovo

Christina Harris

Christina Harris, CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2005, "On the Trail of the Yak: A Social Geography of Tibetan Trade," supervised by Dr. Neil Smith

Christina Harris (third from left) and friends visiting the Jokhang temple plaza in Lhasa on the first day of Losar (Tibetan New Year) (February 28, 2006).

Naomi Haynes

Haynes, Naomi Rae, U. of California, San Diego, CA, Dissertation Research Grant, 2007, "When Prosperity Fails: the Faith Gospel And Gift Economies on the Zambian Copperbelt."

During fieldwork Naomi Haynes (right) chats with Mrs. Mwanza (center), the wife of a Pentecostal pastor, while Bana Shalom (left), a former member of Mrs. Mwanza’s church, does her hair.  On the Copperbelt, believers frequently move from one church to another, but often (as in this case) maintain relationships with members of churches they used to attend.

Photo: John Haynes (