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Theory and Method in American Indian Ethnological and Ethnohistorical Research

Burg Wartenstein Symposium No. 39
August 7 through 14, 1967
Burg Wartenstein Conference Center


Book Cover

PUBLICATION:     North American Indians in Historical Perspective (E.B. Leacock and N.O. Lurie, Eds.) Random House, New York, 1971.


Thomas J.C. Brasser (Royal Museum of Ethnography, Holland)
Edward Dozier (University of Arizona, USA)
Christian Feest (Museum of Ethnology, Vienna, Austria)
William Fenton (New York State Museum, USA)
June Helm (University of Iowa, USA)
Harold Hickerson (SUNY Buffalo, USA)
Charles Hughes (Michigan State University, USA)
Eleanor B. Leacock (organizer) (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, USA)
Nancy O. Lurie (organizer) (University of Wisconsin, USA)
D'Arcy McNickle (University of Saskatchewan, Regina, Canada)
Marvin Opler (SUNY Buffalo, USA)
William C. Sturtevant (Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA)
Gene Weltfish (Fairleigh Dickenson University, USA)