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The Theoretical and Methodological Implications of Long-Term Field Research in Social Anthropology

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August 29 through September 7, 1975
Burg Wartenstein Conference Center

PUBLICATION:     Long-Term Field Research in Social Anthropology (G.M. Foster, T. Scudder, E. Colson and R.V. Kemper, Eds.) Academic Press, New York, 1979.




Elizabeth Colson (organizer) (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
T. Scarlett Epstein (Institute of Developmental Studies, USA)
Hussein Fahim (American University in Cairo, Egypt)
George M. Foster (organizer) (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
Robert C. Hanson (University of Colorado, USA)
June Helm (University of Iowa, USA)
Tamas Hofer (Ethnographic Museum, Budapest, Hungary)
Robert V. Kemper (Southern Methodist University, USA)
Louise Lamphere (Radcliffe Institute, USA)
Richard Borshay Lee (Toronto University, Canada)
William Mangin (Syracuse University, USA)
Mervyn Meggitt (Queens College, CUNY, USA)
Lita Osmundsen (Wenner-Gren Foundation)
L.J. Pospisil (Yale University, USA)
Alfonso Villa Rojas (Mexico)
Thayer Scudder (organizer) (California Institute of Technology, USA)
Evon Vogt (Harvard University, USA)