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Stratigraphy, Palaeonotology, and Evolution in the Lake Rudolf Basin

Donald Johanson and Tim White, Nairobi 1973

September 8-20, 1973
National Museum, Nairobi, Kenya

PUBLICATION: Earliest Man and Environments in the Lake Rudolf Basin: Stratigraphy, Paleoecology, and Evolution. Yves Coppens, F. Clark Howell, Glynn L. Isaac, and Richard E.F. Leakey, eds. Prehistory Archeology and Ecology Series. University of Chicago Press: Chicago and London. 1976.


bookcoverM. Beden
A.K. Behrensmeyer
W.W. Bishop
N.T. Boaz
R. Bonnefille
B.E. Bowen
A. Brock
F.H. Brown
Karl Butzer
C.J. Carr
T.E. Cerling
J. Chavaillon
H.B.S. Cooke
Yves Coppens
S.C. Coryndon
D. Crader
M.H. Day
J. de Heinzelin
G.G. Eck
V. Eisenmann
I.C. Findlater
F.J. Fitch
A. Gautier
A.W. Gentry
J.L. Grattard
C. Guerin
P. Haesaerts
J.M. Harris
J.W.K. Harris
D.A. Hooijer
F. Clarke Howell
Glynn Ll. Isaac
J.J. Jaeger
Donald C. Johanson
G.D. Johnson
Mary G. Leakey
Richard E. Leakey
H.V. Merrick
J.P.S. Merrick,
J.A. Miller
W.P. Nash
G. Petter
R.G.H. Raynolds
R.T. Shuey
C. Smart
M. Splingaer
E. Tchernov
C.F. Vondra
A. Walker
H.B. Wesselman
B.A. Wood