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Rural Peoples of the Mediterranean

Participants from International Symposium No. 5

July 26 through August 1, 1959
Burg Wartenstein Conference Center


Book Cover "Mediterranean Countrymen"



PUBLICATION:     Mediterranean Countrymen (J. Pitt-Rivers, Ed.) Mouton, Paris, 1963.


A.H. Abou Zeid (University of Alexandria, Egypt)
Pierre Bourdieu (Faculté des Lettres, France)
Julio Caro Baroja (Real Academica de la Historia, Spain)
John Campbell (University of Oxford, UK)
I. Chiva (Collège de France)
Ernestine Friedl (CUNY, Queens College, USA)
Ernest Gellner (London School of Economics, UK)
Marcel Maget (Paris, France)
Christine Levy (CUNY, Queens College, USA)
Harry L. Levy (CUNY, Hunter College, USA)
Emrys L. Peters (Victoria University of Manchester, UK)
J.G. Peristiany (University of Oxford, UK)
Julian Pitt-Rivers (organizer) (University of Chicago, USA)
Prince Peter of Greece and Denmark
Paul Stirling (London School of Economics, UK)
Tullio Tentori (University of Rome, Italy)
Laurence Wylie (Harvard University, USA)