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Preserving the Anthropological Record: Workshop on Education and Outreach, Part II

WGF Sponsored Conference 98-2 Group Photo

November 4-8, 1998
Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Taos, New Mexico



Myra Anderson Appel (University of California-Riverside, USA)
Steven Crum (University of California-Davis, USA)
Catherine Fowler (University of Nevada, USA)
Don Fowler (University of Nevada, USA)
Victor Golla (Humboldt State University, USA)
Michael Little (SUNY-Binghamton, USA)
Nancy Parezo (Arizona State Museum, USA)
Ruth Person
Mary Elizabeth Ruwell
Lynne Schmelz (Harvard University, USA)
Sydel Silverman (Wenner-Gren Foundation, USA)
Thomas Wilson (Beloit College Museums, USA)


Two sequential workshops were held in Taos, New Mexico, October 31-November 8, 1998 in support of the activities of the Council for the Preservation of Anthropological Records (CoPAR).

In this second workshop, specialists in anthropology, linguistics, archaeology, library science and archiving came together to draft a series of sixteen bulletins on issues of preservation. The Bulletins are designed to help individual scholars understand the procedures and complexities of organizing and donating their records and to address matters of ethics, such as records access and the relationships between anthropologists and the communities and individuals affected by the records. The first six bulletins were exhibited and distributed, and the electronic Guide was demonstrated at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Chicago, March 24-28, courtesy of the University of Nevada Reno, Continuing Education Program in Heritage Resources Management. Much interest was shown by attendees and good feed-back was received.

The Bulletins are available from the Historic Preservation Program, University of Nevada, Reno, and the web-page and the electronic Guide are maintained by Dr. Peter McCartney and Erika Guyer at the Archaeological Research Institute, Arizona State University. In addition to their hands-on work, participants of both workshops discussed ways to develop a long­term endowment for CoP AR through private foundations. Plans are underway for presentations to such potential funders as the Getty Institute and the Pew Trust