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International Symposium on Anthropology

International Symposium on Anthropology audience

The first "great" symposium mounted by the Wenner-Gren Foundation (with one very ambitious goal: "to assess the state of anthropology"),  the International Symposium on Anthropology was an international undertaking (even though the majority of those who attended were from the United States).

After establishing the conference framework then identifying the individuals with the necessary expertise to write 50 papers that would attempt to provide an encyclopedic iinventory of the current knowledge of anthropology at that time.  Once the papers written and distributed to participants prior to the actual meetings in June 1952, the symposium eventually convened over eighty scholars from the major regions of the world for 12 days of presentations and discussion in a professional stocktaking, where they exchanged views on the various problems the presentations posed, appraised the state of the science they represented, and examined probable future directions of research and the promise these might hold.

The papers contributed to International Symposium on Anthropology were published in two volumes: Anthropology Today: An Encyclopedic Inventory (prepared under the chairmanship of A.L. Kroeber) and its companion volume, An Appraisal of Anthropology Today, edited by Sol Tax, Loren Eiseley, Irving Rouse, and Carl Voegelin.  The symposium also sponsored the "International Directory of Anthropological Institutions" published in 1953.


Anthropology Today bookcoverErwin H. Ackerknecht
Marston Bates
Ralph Beals
Wendell C. Bennett
David Bidney
Junius B. Bird
Kaj Birket-Smith
William C. Boyd
J.O. Brew
Salvador Canals Frau
Alfonso Caso
William Caudill
Eliot D. Chapple
J. Grahame D. Clark
Carleton S. Coon
Jose M. Cruxent
Antonio Jorge Dias
Fred Eggan
Loren C. Eiseley
Paul Fejos
Daryll Forde
Joseph H. Greenberg
Mary R. Haas
A. Irving Hallowell
An Appraisal of Anthropology Today bookcoverRobert F. Heizer
G. Jan Held
Jules Henry
Jarry Joijer
Earnest A. Hooton
Eiichiro Ishida
Franjo Ivanicek
Roman Jakobson
Edward A. Kennard
Alfred V. Kidder
Clyde Kluckhohn
Wilhelm Koppers
Alex D. Krieger
A.L. Kroeber
Claude Levi-Strauss
Oscar Lewis
Gehard Lindblom
Ralph Linton
Floyd G. Lounsbury
Robert H. Lowie
Gordon MacGregor
Dhirendra Nath Majumdar
David G. Mandelbaum
Andre Martinet
Theodore D. McCown
Margaret Mead
Alfred Metraux
Carlos Monge
Hallam L. Movius, Jr.
George P. Murdockcover of Anthropology Today
S.F. Nadel
Monkichi Namba
Russell W. Newman
F.S.C. Northrop
Kenneth P. Oakley
Benjamin D. Paul
Robert Redfield
Irving Rouse
John Howland Rowe
S. Sanvichien
Meyer Shapiro
Muzaffer Senyurek
P.G. Shah
Alexander Spoehr
Julian H. Steward
William L. Straus, Jr.
J.M. Tanner
Sol Tax
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Franz Termer
Stith Thompson
Henri V. Vallois
C.F. Voegelin
S.L. Washburn
Hans Weinert
Leslie White
Gordon R. Willey