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The Inter-Relation of Biological and Cultural Adaptation

Burg Wartenstein Symposium #33
July 21 through 30, 1966
Burg Wartenstein Conference Center



W.T.V. Adiseshiah (Loyola College, India)
Alexander Alland, Jr. (Columbia University, USA)
Paul T. Baker (organizer) (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Thelma S. Baker (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Clifford Bell (University of London, UK)
Tadeusz Bielicki (Institute of Anthropology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
S. Biesheuvel (Institute for the Study of Race in South Africa, Johannesburg)
Rolf Eide (University of Bergen, Norway)
D. Carleton Gajdusek (National Institute of Health, USA)
G. Ainsworth Harrison (University of Oxford, UK)
Peter Kunstadter (Princeton University; University of Washington, USA)
William S. Laughlin (University of Wisconsin, USA)
Hanus Papousek (Institute for Mother & Child Care, Czech Republic)
Jean L. Pelosse (C.N.R.S., France)
Pertti J. Pelto (University of Minnesota, USA)
K.A. Provins (The University of Adelaide, South Australia)
Warren H. Teichner (Tufts University, USA)
Joseph S. Weiner (organizer) (London University, UK)
Julia Weiner (Rapporteur) (London University, UK)