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Human Adjustment in Time and Space in Madagascar

Burg Wartenstein Symposium No. 83 Group Photo

August 18 through 27, 1979
Burg Wartenstein Conference Center

PUBLICATION:     Madagascar:  Society and History (C.P. Kottak, J.Rakotoarisoa, A.W. Southall and P.M. Verin, Eds.) Carolina Academic Press, Durham, North Carolina, 1986.


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Jean-Francois Bare (CNRS, France)
Gerald Berg (Sweet Briar College, USA)
Maurice Bloch (London University, UK)
Karl Eggert (no affiliation)
Manasse Esoavelomandroso (Universite de Madagascar)
Gillian Feeley-Harnik (Williams College, USA)
Fulgence Fanony (Centre Universitaire Tulear, Madagascar)
William J.G. Gardenier (no affiliation)
Richard Huntington (Harvard University, USA)
David Hurvitz (Princeton University, USA)
Conrad P. Kottak (organizer) (University of Michigan, USA)
Jacques Lombard (CNRS, France)
Narivelo Rajaonarimanana (CNRS, France)
Jean-Aime Rakotoarisoa (Universite de Madagascar)
Helene Ratrimoharinosy (Universite de Madagascar)
Janine Razafindratovo-Ramamonjisoa (Universite de Madagascar)
Aidan Southall (organizer) (University of Wisconsin, USA)
Pierre M. Verin (organizer) (Mission Culturelle Comores, Comoros)
Henry T. Wright (University of Michigan, USA)