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Food Preferences and Aversions

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October 23 - 30, 1983
Cedar Cove Conference Center, Cedar Key, Florida


 PUBLICATION:    Food and Evolution:Toward a Theory of Human Food Habits (M. Harris and E.B. Ross, Eds.) Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 1987.


bookcoverH. Leon Abrams (University of Georgia, USA)
George Armelagos (University of Massachusetts, USA)
Jane Buikstra (Northwestern University, USA)
Mark N. Cohen (State University of New York, Plattsburgh, USA)
Marc Edelman (Columbia University, USA)
Richard Franke (Montclair State College, USA)
Kenneth R. Good (University of Florida, USA)
Jack Goody (University of Cambridge, UK)
Daniel Gross (City University of New York, Hunter College, USA)
William J. Hamilton (University of California, Davis, USA)
David Harris (University of London, UK)
Marvin Harris, organizer (University of Florida, USA)
Kristen Hawkes (University of Utah, USA)
Allen Johnson (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
Solomon H. Katz (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Leslie Sue Lieberman (University of Florida, USA)
Shirley Lindenbaum (New School for Social Research, USA)
Katharine Milton (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
K.N. Nair (Center for Development Studies, India)
Carolyn Nickens (University of Florida, USA)
Benjamin Orlove (University of California, Davis, USA)
Peter Pellett (University of Massachusetts, USA)
Gretel Pelto (University of Connecticut, USA)
Anna Roosevelt (Museum of the American Indian, USA)
Eric B. Ross, organizer (University of Florida, USA)
Paul Rozin (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Gary Shapiro (Florida State Museum, USA)
Bruce Winterhalder (University of North Carolina, USA)
David Yesner (University of Southern Maine, USA)
Adrienne Zihlman (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA)


Food and Evolution draws on the latest evi­dence from the fields of primatology, biological anthropology, archaeology, nutrition, psychol­ogy, agricultural economics, and cultural an­thropology to explain why humans eat what they eat.

Food and Evolution is an unprecedented inter-disciplinary effort to develop a much needed theoretical understanding of the ori­gins of human food habits and of the wide cul­tural differences in contemporary human food preferences and avoidances. The essays, writ­ten by some of the world's leading experts on human foodways, share a common commit­ment to an evolutionary perspective and to the view that human foodways have been estab­lished over time by biological and cultural se­lection LT1 relation to the costs and benefits of alternative food habits.

This book explores the interrelationships between food habits and physical, social, politi­cal, and economic aspects of human life, rang­ing in time from prehistory to the present, and from the most simple societies to the most complex, including South American Indian groups, African hunter-gatherers, and coun­tries such as India, Bangladesh, Peru, and Mexico.

Several essays explore the problems caused in developing countries by the introduction of modem technologies and novel foods and ex­plain the relationship between such changes and scarcity and malnutrition among the poorer inhabitants.  Food and Evolution covers these issues and lays the bsis for the development of a general theory of human food habits, a theory that is urgently needed to orient the collection of bio-psycho-cultural data surrounding human food consumption and to guide ongoing attempts to deal with the multiple forms of human malnutrition.