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Feminism and Kinship Theory

August 1-6, 1982
Bellagio Study and Conference Center, Lake Como, Italy

bookcoverPUBLICATION: Gender and Kinship: Essays Toward a Unified Analysis. Jane Fishburne Collier and Sylvia Junko Yanagisako, eds.  Stanford University Press: Stanford, CA. 1987.


Maruice Bloch (London School of Economics, UK)
James Boon (Cornell University, USA)
Jane Collier (organizer) (Stanford University, USA)
John Comaroff (University of Chicago, USA)
Daryl Feil (University of Queensland, Australia)
Jack Goody (Cambridge University, UK)
Carolyn Ifeka (Australian National University)
Shirley Lindenbaum (New School for Social Research, USA)
Vanessa Maher (University of Turin, Italy)
Fred Myers (New York University, USA)
Rayna Rapp (New School for Social Research, USA)
Judith Shapiro (Bryn Mawr College, USA)
Raymond T. Smith (University of Chicago, USA)
Verena Stolcke (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain)
Marilyn Strathern (Machester University, UK)
Anna Tsing, rapporteur (Stanford University, USA)
Annette Weiner (New York University)
Harriet Whitehead (no affiliation)
Sylvia Yanagisako, organizer (Stanford University, USA)