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Wenner-Gren Symposia in the 1950s

International Symposium on Anthropology presentation

The first Wenner-Gren Symposia -- "International Symposium on Anthropology" held in May 1952, and "Man's Role in Shaping the Face of the Earth," held in June 1955 -- were ambitious undertakings that brought together scores of anthropologists across all sub-disciplines and from around the globe, to inventory the cumulative knowledge within anthropology, within the discipline as a whole and closely related sciences, and as this knowledge could be applied to understanding human orgins and development.

Wenner-Gren began organizing and holding its first sympoia in the 1950s.  Following "International Symposium on Anthropology" in 1952, then "Man's Role in Shaping the Face of the Earth" held in 1956, the Foundation began to hone its symposium format when it purchased Burg Wartenstein in Austria and, in 1958, established it as the Foundation's European Conference Center.






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