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Burg Wartenstein Symposium #85 Group Photo
Kneeling: L. Beneria, M. Leon de Leal, S. Shahshahani, L. Mullings, E. Leacock (organizer) Standing: D. Bell, V. Stolcke, M.P. Fernandez, W. Minge-Klevana, A. Weiner, H. Safa (organizer), L. Tilly, A. Wong, L. Arizpe, M. Hammam, K. Young, S. Afonja, E. Eviota

August 2 - 10, 1980
Burg Wartenstein Conference Center


  • Development and the Sexual Division of Labor (H.I. Safa and E. Leacock, Eds.) Special Issue, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Vol. 7, No. 2, 1981.
  • Women's Work: Development and Division of Lavor by Gender (E. Leacock and H.I. Safa, Eds.) Bergin and Garvey Publishers, South Hadley, Massachusetts, 1986.


bookcoverSimi Afonja (University of Ife, Nigeria)
Lourdes Arizpe (Colegio de Mexico)