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Burg Wartenstein Symposium No. 72 Group Photo
Front row: A.B. Harper, V.P. Alekseyev, J. Robert-Lamblin, D.M. Hopkins, W.S. Laughlin, S. Wolf, B.S. Blumberg, L. Osmundsen, K. Hanihara Second row: T.D. Stewart, J.B. Griffin, J.S. Weiner, R.L. Kirk, F. Johnston Third Row: P.T. Baker, W.J. Schull, E.J.E. Szathmary

August 21 through 30, 1976
Burg Wartenstein Conference Center


PUBLICATION:     The First Americans:  Origins, Affinities, and Adaptations (W.S. Laughlin and A.B. Harper, Eds.) Gustav Fischer, New York, 1979.



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V.P. Alekseyev (Institute of Ethnography, USSR)
Paul Baker (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Baruch Blumberg (Institute for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, USA)
James Griffin (University of Michigan, USA)
Kazuro Hanihara (University of Tokyo, Japan)
A.B. Harper (University