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Symposium Participants Group Photo
First Row: C. Wagley, A.B. Colson, R. Lisker, L. de Castro Faria, M. Flores, F. Salzano, J. Comas, T. Baker, J. Wilbert, M.T. Ashcroft, T. Arends, L. Osmundsen Second Row: N. Morton, J. Neel, J. Benoist, O. Frota-Pessoa, N. Freire-Maia, P. Baker, G. Harrison Back Row: R. Cabannes, D.F. Roberts, M. Layrisse

August 9 through 18, 1969
Burg Wartenstein Conference Center

PUBLICATION:     The Ongoing Evolution of Latin American Populations (F.M. Salzano, Ed.) Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, 1970.


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Tulio Arends (Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research, Venezuela)
M.T. Ashcroft (University of the West Indies, Jamaica)
Paul T. Baker (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Thelma Baker (Rapporteur) (Pennsylv