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Preserving the Anthropological Record: Workshop on a National Guide to Anthropological Records

WGF Sponsored Conference 98-1 Group Photo

October 31 - November 4, 1998
Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Taos, New Mexico



Michael Barton (Arizona State University, USA)
S. Terry Childs (National Park Service, USA)
Douglas Evelyn (National Museum of the American Indian, USA)
Don Fowler (University of Nevada, USA)
John Homiak (National Anthropological Archives, USA)
Peter McCartney (Arizona State University, USA)
Nancy Parezo (Arizona State Museum, USA)
Willow Powers (University of New Mexico, USA)
Mary Elizabeth Ruwell
Diane Vogt-O'Connor (National Park Service, USA)
Joe Watkins (Bureau of Indian Affairs, USA)
Ezra Zubrow (SUNY-Buffalo, USA)


Two sequential workshops were held in Taos, New Mexico, October 31-November 8, 1998 in support of the activities of the Council for the Preservation of Anthropological Records (CoPAR). The first workshop brought CoPAR experts in computer data base development together with archivists, librarians and anthropologists to develop final protocols, formats and thesauri for the CoPAR Guide to Anthropological Records on the World Wide Web. The task was accomplished and the Guide went on­line in early January 1999.