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WGF Symposium #119 Group Photo
Front (Kneeling, seated): A. Singer, E. Vrba, T. Kaiser, E. O’Brien, B. Benefit, F. Ramirez-Rozzi, N. Owen-Smith, C. Denys, F. Szalay. Back: A. Turner, J. McKee, R. Bernor, F. Schrenk, L. Bishop, G. Denton, P. Andrews, C. Feibel, S. Silverman, B. Wood, N. Sikes, T. Bromage, Y. Juwayeyi, R. Foley, M. Rosenzweig.

October 25 - November 2, 1995
The Livingstonia Beach Hotel, Salima, Malawi


PUBLICATION:    African Biogeography, Climate Change, & Human Evolution (Timothy G. Bromage and Friedemann Schrenk, Eds.), Oxford University Press, 1999.


bookcoverPeter Andrews (Natural History Museum, UK)
Brenda R. Benefit (Southern Illinois University, USA)
Ray Bernor (Howard University, USA)