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Amazonian Synthesis: An Integration of Disciplines, Paradigms, and Methodologies

International Symposium #109
Seated: A. de Oliveira, G. Ribeiro, A. Roosevelt, W. Hern, N. Flowers, N. Arvelo- Jimenez, A. Berg (WGF). Middle Row: L. Obbink (WGF), N. Watson (WGF), W. Ballee, J. Jackson, S. Silverman (WGF), H. Klein, D. Dufour, I. Wust, D. Posey, J. Hill. Back Row: T. Meyers, P. Descola, N. Whitehead, P. Kelekna, S. Beckerman, E. Moran, M. Brown.

June 2 - 10, 1989
Hotel Rosa dos Ventos, Teresopolis, Brazil


PUBLICATION:    Amazonian Indians from Prehistory to the Present:  Anthropological Perspectives (Anna Roosevelt, Ed.) University of Arizona Press, 1994


bookcoverNelly Arvelo-Jimenez (Instituto Venezalona de Investigaciones Cientificas, Venezuela)
William Balee (Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, Braz