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International Symposium #104
Back Row: N. Watson, R. Martin, S. Silverman, A. Boyd, G. Harrison, C. Stringer, E. Trinkaus, E. Watts, P. Harvey, M. Morbeck, P. Alberch, L. Newell-Morris, T. Bromage, A. Zihlman, L. Lanyon Front Row: B. Shea, L. Marom, D. Sade, J. DeRousseau, D. Van Gerven, A. Galloway, E. Vrba, N. Peacock, L. Osmundsen

October 10 - 18, 1987
Hotel Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

PUBLICATION:    Primate Life History and Evolution (C.J. DeRousseau, Ed.) Monographs in Primatology, Vol. 14.  Wiley-Liss Publishers, New York, 1990.


bookcoverPere Alberch (Harvard University, USA)
Alan Boyde (University College, London, UK)
Timothy Bromage (University of London, UK)
C. Jean DeRousseau, organizer (New York University, USA)
Alison Galloway (University of Arizona, USA)
G. Ainsworth Harrison (University of Oxford, UK)
Paul H. Harvey (University of Oxford, UK)
Lance E. Lanyon (University of London, UK)
Robert Martin (Universit├Ąt Zurich-Irchel, Switzerland)
Mary Ellen Morbeck, organizer (University of Arizona, USA)