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Ceramics and Man

September 2 through 12, 1961
Burg Wartenstein Conference Center

bookcoverPUBLICATION:     Ceramics and Man (F.R. Matson, Ed.) Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology, No. 41 (Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research) Aldine, Chicago, 1965.


Ruth Amiran (Department of Antiquities, Israel)
Helene Balfet (Musee de l’Homme, Paris, France)
Robert W. Ehrich (Brooklyn College, USA)
George M. Foster (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
Mary L. Foster (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
James B. Griffin (University of Michigan, USA)
Henry W.M. Hodges (Institute of Archaeology, UK)
Dozent Sigvald Linne (Ethnographical Museum, Sweden)
Fredrick R. Matson (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
James Mellaart (British Institute of Archaeology, UK)
Irving Rouse (Yale University, USA)
Anna O. Shepard (Carnegie Institution, USA)
W.G. Solheim II (University of Hawaii, USA)
Walter Trachsler (Swiss National Museum, Switzerland)
L. Vanden Berghe (University of Ghent, Belgium)
J.D. Van Der Waals (Biologisch Archaeologisch Instituut, Netherlands)
Saul S. Weinberg (University of Missouri, USA)