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The Biology of Populations of Anthropological Significance

Burg Wartenstein Symposium #23
June 29 through July 2, 1964
Burg Wartenstein Conference Center


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PUBLICATION:     The Biology of Human Adaptability (P.T. Baker and J.S. Weiner, Eds.) Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1966.


K. Lange Andersen (University of Bergen, Norway)
Paul T. Baker (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
O.G. Edholm (Medical Research Council, London, UK)
M. Fraccaro (Euratom, University of Pavia, Italy)
Jean Hiernaux (University of Paris, France)
J.A. Hildes (University of Manitoba, Canada)
R.L. Kirk (University of Western Australia)
William S. Laughlin (University of Wisconsin, USA)
R.K. MacPherson (University of Sydney, Australia)
M.S. Malhotra (Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences, India)
Francisco M. Salzano (Universidad do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
William J. Schull (University of Michigan, USA)
J.M. Tanner (University of London, UK)
Phillip V. Tobias (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
Joseph S. Weiner (organizer) (MRC, London, UK)