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Post-Ph.D. Research Grants for up to $20,000 are awarded to individuals holding a Ph.D. or equivalent degree to support individual research projects. Applicants must be engaged in research that contributes to anthropological knowledge. Applicants of any nationality or country of residence may apply.

The Engaged Anthropology Grant is designed to enable grantees to return to their research locale to share their research results. A Wenner-Gren grantee may apply for the Engaged Anthropology Grant ($5,000 maximum) upon completion of the final reporting requirements for the Dissertation Fieldwork or Post-Ph.D. Research Grant. Please note: only individuals who have received and completed a Dissertation Fieldwork Grant or a Post-Ph.D. Research Grant are eligible to apply for this grant.

Fejos Postdoctoral Fellowships in Ethnographic Film provide up to $40,000 towards the completion of an ethnographic film that is based on anthropological research already accomplished by the applicant. The fellowship is awarded to scholars who are within ten years of the receipt of their Ph.D. and supports them early in their caree