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Pandian, Anand Sankar

Grant Type
Post-Ph.D. Research Grant
Insitutional Affiliation
Johns Hopkins U.
Completed Grant
Approve Date
Project Title
Pandian, Dr. Anand Sankar, Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore, MD - To aid research on 'Framing Feelings: Landscape and the Production of Affect in South Indian Cinema'

DR. ANAND SANKAR PANDIAN, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, was awarded a grant in October 2008, to aid research on 'Framing Feelings: Landscape and the Production of Affect in South Indian Cinema.' The project was anchored in an ethnography of filmmaking practices, working with diverse film technicians on location in studio sets and outdoor environments, as well as in production offices, post-production studios, and other settings of cinematic production. With the support of the Wenner-Gren Foundation, the grantee was able to lay the groundwork for this ethnographic work, to focus closely on the process of releasing one Tamil popular film in 2010, and to work closely with leading industry figures in the fields of editing, composing, art direction, and visual effects. Investigating the influence of cultural dispositions and commercial pressures, the aesthetic visions and imaginations of individual filmmakers, and the productive techniques by means of which places and other material elements are imbued with feeling, the project has revealed affective expression in this milieu as a matter of unforeseen emergence, concerning not only the subjective intuitions of Indian filmmakers but also the vitality of the worldly environments in which their images arise.