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Montoya Bermejo, Ainhoa

Grant Type
Conference & Workshop Grant
Insitutional Affiliation
Autonoma de Madrid, U.
Completed Grant
Approve Date
Project Title
Montoya Bermejo, Dr. Ainhoa, U. Autonoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain - To aid workhop on 'FAQs about Open Access: The Politics of Publishing in Anthropology,' 2014, Madrid, in collaboration with Marta Perez Perez

Preliminary abstract: The proposed workshop will seek to address relevant questions and dilemmas regarding contemporary discussions about Open Access taking place across the world. It will focus on the specific ways in which these discussions concern anthropologists and their work. The event will aim to foster discussion on three key aspects related to the promotion of free-of-charge and unrestricted access to anthropological research outputs: 1) It will provide a forum in which to compare different traditions of publishing and both long-standing and recent Open Access proposals so as to assess the advantages and limitations of each and the additional barriers, beyond subscription, that they may raise or maintain. 2) It will bring together professionals from different fields (scholars, publishers and policymakers) in order to put forth sustainable and non-discriminatory formulas of free access to anthropological knowledge. 3) It will explore the ways in which ethnographic research on Open Access and any issues thereof has the potential to inform public debates on Open Access and proposals to implement it. While the workshop will focus on how Open Access debates concern anthropologists and their research specifically, it will surely yield insights that can be relevant for discussions on this issue across the social sciences.