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Lynn, Christopher Dana

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Alabama, Tuscaloosa, U. of
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Lynn, Dr. Christopher, U. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL - To aid public awareness on 'Anthropology is Elemental,' 2016, Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Toliara Madagascar

Preliminary abstract: The 'Anthropology is Elemental' program exposes students to the anthropological perspective via an interactive, activity-based, four-subfield curriculum. The intended audience is primary school children in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Toliara, Madagascar. Through this project, we teach fundamental scientific and humanistic concepts including evolution, race as a cultural construct with biological implications, and the impact of culture on humans. Students who experience the humanistic and scientific study of anthropology at an early age are uniquely positioned to be able to excel in both as they continue their education. Our program has already facilitated outreach and training to more than 200 elementary school children over the last four years. The proposed 2-year expansion project of Anthropology is Elemental includes developing a shareable, local-global model for teaching anthropology. Our program will (1) be implemented at area primary and secondary schools in conjunction with college resources and shared with schools globally through a video blogging exchange, (2) be made available modularly on our website for other educators as written lesson plans and video tutorials, and (3) be made available as a softcover textbook for publication that can be adopted for use in any classroom interested in teaching anthropological concepts at the primary levels.