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Leinaweaver, Jessaca Bennett

Grant Type: 
Dissertation Fieldwork Grant
Insitutional Affiliation: 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, U. of
Completed Grant
Approve Date: 
July 13, 2001
Project Title: 
Leinaweaver, Jessaca B., U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI - To aid research on 'Imagining the Family in Highland Peru: Rural and Urban Conceptions of Fosterage in Ayacucho,' supervised by Dr. Bruce Mannheim

JESSACA LEINAWEAVER, while a student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, received funding in July 2001 to aid research on rural and urban conceptions of fosterage in Ayacucho, Peru, under the supervision of Dr. Bruce Mannheim. Leinaweaver conducted four months of fieldwork on the ways in which recent migrants to urban Ayacucho experienced family and a sense of belonging, focusing specifically on how children were incorporated into families they had not been born into. She interviewed people whose life histories shed light on the fosterage practices strategically employed throughout the Peruvian Andes, as well as representatives of official institutions such as the government adoption office and orphanage. She also traveled with migrant families back to their hometowns during holidays, observing how family was located and thought about in different spaces. By considering fosterage and adoption and the contrasts between the two, she explored the different ways in which families were produced and reproduced, what families meant in highland Peru, and the ways in which children became, over time, the children of parents, sisters of brothers, and nephews of aunts.

Publication Credit:

Leinaweaver, Jessaca B. 2005. Improving Oneself: Young People Getting Ahead in the Peruvian Andes. Latin American Perspectives 35 (161):60-89.

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Leinaweaver, Jessaca B. 2008. The Circulation of Children: Kinship, Adoption and Morality in Andean Peru.
Duke University Press: Durham and London.

Leinaweaver, Jessaca B. 2009. Raising the Roof in the Transnational Andes: Building Houses, Forging Kinship.
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 15(4):777-796.