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Ciochon, Russell L.

Grant Type
Int'l Collaborative Research Grant
Insitutional Affiliation
Iowa, U. of
Lapsed Grant
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Project Title
Ciochon, Dr. Russell, U. of Iowa, Iowa City, IA; and Zaim, Dr. Yahdi, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia - To aid collaborative research on 'Site Formation And Taphonomy of the Late Pleistocene Hominin Site of Ngandong, Java (Indonesia)'

Preliminary abstract: In August 2008 we undertook geoarchaeological investigations at Ngandong utilizing information produced by the original Netherlands Indies Geological Survey geologists, not previously used in re-evaluating the site. Total Data Station surveying was employed to superimpose the Survey's map of the excavation onto current topography, enabling construction of a 3D model of the Ngandong site. This model allowed for precise placement of the original 14 Homo erectus specimens within the basal fossiliferous horizon. Our 2008 fieldwork identified fluvial facies with locally-derived volcaniclastic sand and abundant mud mixed with gravel. This structure contains evidence for the geological processes that likely deposited the bones prior to their fossilization. Our 2010 fieldwork will re-analyze the discovery beds and perform terrace survey using modern techniques. There are three objectives: 1) produce a depositional model for the site; 2) understand the faunal taphonomy; 3) develop a predictive framework for locating fossiliferous deposits in other areas of the Solo 20 m terrace. Results on these objectives will prepare the way for refining the geological age and assessing the significance of the Ngandong Homo erectus fossils.

Publication credit:

Larick, Roy, and Russell L. Ciochon. 2015. Early Hominin Biogeography in Island Southeast Asia. Evolutionary Anthropology 24(5):185-213.