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Abrunhosa, Ana Cordeiro de Sousa Gomes

Grant Type
Dissertation Fieldwork Grant
Insitutional Affiliation
Algarve, U. do
Completed Grant
Approve Date
Project Title
Abrunhosa, Ana Cordeiro de Sousa Gomes, U. of Algarve, Faro, Portugal - To aid reseach on 'Raw Material Procurement Strategies from Pinilla del Valle's Neanderthals,' supervised by Dr. Nuno G. F. Bicho

ANA CORDEIRO DE SOUSA GOMES ABRUNHOSA, then a graduate student at University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal, received a grant in April 2017 to aid research on 'Raw Materials Procurement strategies from Pinilla del Valle's Neanderthals,' supervised by Dr. Nuno Gonçalo Viana Pereira Bicho. The study of lithic raw materials procurement strategies is one of the main sources of information on past populations mobility and resource economy, particularly in older chronologies. Pinilla del Valle is one of the few known Upper Pleistocene sites located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula territory in an intramountain valley of the Guadarrama mountain range, connected by natural corridors to the north and south mesetas. The high quantity of lithic tools and variety of raw materials used by Neanderthal populations in Pinilla and the study of their probable sources allows for a better understanding of their mobility strategies along this territory. This grant permitted the development of the first stage of research. Intensive geoarchaeological surveys of different radius from the site were carried out to map primary (i.e. rock outcrop) and secondary rock sources (i.e. fluvial or slope deposits) and collect samples to compare with the Mousterian assemblage. The data collected will now allow for the mapping and interpretation of Neanderthal behavior, ways of mobility and occupation of the landscape, and in particular resource exploitation and technological adaptation in this territory, adding important information to the extent of Neanderthal strategic and abstract planning, to an area until recently lacking in data.