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All or part of my research takes place in a country currently under OFAC Sanctions – are there additional forms or procedures?

All our grants are made in accordance with all laws applicable in the United States, including but not limited to the Patriot Act.  Special documentation is required for research projects located in the countries where US Government sanctions are in place. This is true even if the grantee is a non-US citizen based at a non-US institution because the Foundation is registered in the US and is therefore a US entity. It is the responsibility of US citizens based at US or non-US institutions and non-US citizens based at US institutions to supply the Foundation with the appropriate license or clearance at the time the grant is awarded. For individuals based at US institutions, all grants involving countries where US Government sanctions are in place are paid to the applicant's institution and not the individual. The institution is the grantee of record and is required to sign the grant agreement.

For non-US citizens at non-US institutions, the Foundation will apply for the necessary license or other required clearance to enable the Foundation to fund the research project.  No funds can be paid without the proper government license or clearance.  Please see the Wenner-Gren Application Procedures for more information: