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WGF Grantee Maureen Penelope Howard
Maureen Penelope Howard, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2006, "Seascape: Voyaging through the Movements of Experience, Histories, Ecologies." Penny Howard working as crew on board a small trawler on the west coast of Scotland near Skye. She has just finished working with the skipper to pull the net on board, and is finishing the process by pulling the ‘dogrope’ out of the water (August 2007).
The Wenner-Gren Foundation periodically asks grantees for photo images of themselves – preferably in their field sites -- to help illustrate the broad range of anthropological research funded through its programs and grants. Many of these images are posted on the Foundation’s website and sometimes included in other promotional materials.

If you have any images from your time in the field that you would like to share, please send them as e-mail attachments to,

Be sure to include:

  • Your name and the year your Wenner-Gren grant was approved.
  • The date and location where the image was taken, as well as the names or descriptions of others appearing in the photo

Images submitted in either JPEG or TIFF formats -- with resolutions of 300 dpi or higher – are the most useful.

Please note: by submitting a photograph, you are granting the Foundation non-exclusive rights to reproduce this image in all future informational and promotional materials. You