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Requesting Changes

WGF Grantee Meredith BastianAs per the Grant Agreement, grant funds may be spent only on items included in the approved budget. The research project may not be significantly modified in geographical location, topic, methodology, project personnel, budget allocation, or starting date and duration of project without prior approval from the Foundation. All requests for changes can be e-mailed by the grantee to the Grants Administrator, Mary Beth Moss [mmoss(at)]. Requests for changes are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If we need further information, we will contact you.

To request a delay in your start date or a change in your timeline, please e-mail the specific dates and give the reason for the change. If you are altering the timeline or project duration, please include an explanation and a revised itemized budget request.

To request an extension of time, without any changes to your budget, please e-mail a request for a new specific end date and the reason for the delay. Please state that the budget is unchanged.

To request a budget change, please e-mail a revised itemized budget for the full amount of the grant, with an explanation for the changes. The format and detail of the budget should be similar to the original budget. If you are simply moving small amounts (less the $100) from one approved category to another, you do not need advanced permission.

To request any other changes -- including your name, contact information, supervisor, institutional affiliation, location, topic, etc. -- please contact the Grants Administrator, Mary Beth Moss [mmoss(at)].


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