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Lapsed Grants

WGF Grantee Christine BietlIf at the conclusion of the research phase of the project supported by Wenner-Gren, the grantee does not submit all of the reports within the time frame specified in his/her Grant Agreement -- and insufficient cause for delay is not demonstrated -- the grant will be designated "Closed-Incomplete" (also called "Lapsed") and the grantee will become ineligible for further support from the Wenner-Gren Foundation.

While an individual has a lapsed grant, they are ineligible to apply for any grants, or to serve as a supervisor for their Ph.D. students.   However, lapsed gantees and supervisors may contact us at any time to complete their reports.  It doesn't matter how long it has been.  If you know (or suspect) you are a lapsed grantee, please contact us -- we'll be happy to help you get your grant completed.  Please contact Grants Administrator Mary Beth Moss [mmoss(at)] directly to find out what is needed.

Once the requirements for a "lapsed" grant have been fulfilled, the grantee's eligibility to apply for funding from the Wenner-Gren Foundaton is restored.

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