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I am working with a colleague, can we both apply?

Applicants can apply for a Post-Ph.D. Research Grant with another Researcher/Collaborator, but one applicant must be the Principle Investigator with primary responsibility for reporting on the grant. The other applicant should be listed under “Other Project Personnel” in the application. When you submit your application onlne, THE FOUNDATION ONLY REQUIRES THE CV FOR THE PRINCIPLE INVESTIGATOR LISTED ON THE APPLICATION. You can add more about the other collaborators and their roles and experience in the project description questions and particularly in Questions 3 and 4. The maximum amount of money you can request still remains $20,000. Two individuals working on the same project may apply individually, however they must demonstrate that each project is not dependant on the other colleague's funding. The Foundation does not discourage collaboration, especially if this will allow for a richer perspective.