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What projects are NOT normally funded by the Foundation?

The Foundation limits its support to projects that contribute to its mission, which is to advance anthropological knowledge, amplify the impact of anthropology, address the precarity of anthropology and anthropologists, and foster inclusion in the field.  The Foundation funds scholars, not institutions.  We do not accept proposals from non-governmental organizations or government agencies. We only fund documentary filmmaking undertaken by graduate students and PhDs in anthropology or closely related fields.  We rarely cover translation or publication costs.  

Please also note the following:

  • The Foundation does not fund projects whose primary objective is to “fill in” knowledge about a culture, a region, a language, a site, or a primate species.
  • Applied Anthropology: Applied anthropologists should emphasize their project’s theoretical and methodological contributions to the discipline as well as its importance for policy makers or practitioners seeking to solve a narrowly defined problem.
  • Primate Conservation: The Foundation does not fund research whose primary goal is primate conservation. 
  • Linguistics: Foundation does not fund salvage work on endangered languages, including the preparation of dictionaries and/or grammars.