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I received a MA degree in anthropology abroad and have not maintained a strong academic affiliation in my home country. Can my Home Sponsor be a faculty member at the university where I completed my MA?

Please note that priority is placed on applicants with a background in anthropology who have not received training abroad and who have an academic affiliation in their home country to which they are likely to return. Besides serving as a reference, we ask that Home Sponsors address the reasons why the applicant desires further training in anthropology and why this training is not available in the home country. Since the Wadsworth Program’s main goal is to expand and strengthening international ties and enhance anthropological infrastructure in developing countries, we also request information regarding the applicant's employment and research prospects in his/her country after completion of the degree. If a faculty member from the institution where you received your MA is able to provide the required information and will not be serving as your Host Sponsor, he/she can serve as your Home Sponsor.