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Anthropology and Medieval Studies | University of Illinois
Water and the Big History of the Pre-Columbian Mississippi Valley

Tim Pauketat is an archaeologist and Professor of Anthropology and Medieval Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He earned his doctorate at the University of Michigan (1991) and taught previously at the University of Oklahoma (1992-1996) and SUNY-Buffalo (1996-1998). He has researched pre-Columbian North America for 25 years, with a special interest in the city of Cahokia and its immigrant farmers, colonies, and historical connections across the Mississippi Valley and into Mesoamerica. In broad terms, he seeks to understand the relationships of materiality and phenomenality to history and humanity. Tim is the author or editor of a dozen books, including An Archaeology of the Cosmos (2013), Medieval Mississippians (with S. Alt, 2014), and the forthcoming Native Histories: North American Archaeology for the 21st Century (with K. Sassaman, 2018).