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Centre for Study of Law & Governance | Jawaharlal Nehru University
Paper: "Unpacking Consent, Masculinity and Desire in the Indian Rape Law"
Dept. of Anthropology | Yale University
Paper: "An evolutionary and life history approach to men, masculinity, violence, and warfare"
Dept. of Anthropology | Chinese University of Hong Kong
Paper: "The Violence of Masculinity"
Dept. of Neuroscience | Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Paper: "Brain development and physical aggression: How a small gender difference grows into a violence problem"
Dept of Anthropology and Peace and Conflict Studies | Rutgers University
Paper: "Masculinity and War"
Dept. of Anthropology | University of Notre Dame
Co-organizer, Paper: "Searching for the roots of masculinity in primates and the human evolutionary past"
Dept. of Anthropology | Brown University
Co-organizer, Paper: "The Animal Inside: Men and Violence"
Dept. of Anthropology & Sociology | University of the Western Cape
Paper: "Soldiers, Masculinities and Violence: Wartime Practices"
Dept. of Criminology | University of Cambridge
Conference Monitor
Dept. of Anthropology | University of Nevada Las Vegas
Paper: "The Violence of Males in Early Small Scale Societies"
Dept. of Anthropology | New York University
Paper: "Masculinity and Violence on the Fringes of Empire in the Pacific"
Dept. of Anthropology | Santa Clara University
Co-organizer, Paper: "The Sex in Your Violence: Patriarchy and Power in Anthropological World Building and Everyday Life"
Dept. of Global & Sociocultural Studies | Florida International University
Paper: "The embodiment of violence among transwomen: Ethnographic reflections from Puerto Rico" (with co-author Sheilla Rodriguez-Madera)
School of Social Science and Humanities | Deakin University
Paper: "Gendering Violence: Theorising the Links between Men, Masculinities, Gender and Violence"
Dept. of Anthropology | Dartmouth College
Paper: "Imperial Terroir: A Queer Molecular Ecology of Settler Masculinities"
Dept. of Anthropology | Vanderbilt University
Paper: "Making & Marking Maleness and Valorizing Violence: Constructing, Representing, and Analyzing Bodies in the Pre-Hispanic Andes"
Dept. of Anthropology | University of Maryland/USFQ
Paper: "Nodes of violence: corporeal mechanisms in gender-based violence"