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Waiting for Earthquakes

Moon Ribas is a "cyborg artist" who interprets earthquake activity felt in her arm implant into dance.

Moon Ribas, artist, wears sensors on her body that vibrate anytime there is an earthquake in the world. She dances as she feels the impulses in her body and as according to their intensity. Given that I am interested in how one feels the movement of the earth within oneself (sort of like the river is an expression of the movement of the earth upon its surface) this effort to express the earth interested me.

Here Ribas explains how she imagines the sensors as sculpting her brain, making her into a cyborg and giving her two heartbeats.

While fascinated by Ribas's art, i found her expression and interpretation not very moving (a question might be why must art be moving?) I think the impersonal tone is on target as she is interested in herself as an instrument or more explicitly a cyborg, but is this what I seek when I emphasize discordance and receptivity as neglected dimensions of experience? The following snippet of a longer dance by Akram Khan and Sidi Larbi, felt much more compelling to me as suggesting the pain of separateness, the desire for relatedness and the effort to express a collective movement through the organic and the inorganic seem very poignant (do these melodramatic gestures and sounds have a place within our understanding of the patchy anthropocene?)


Participant: Naveeda KHAN
Dept. of Anthropology | Johns Hopkins University
Presentation: "Discordance and the Event of the River"