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Dept. of Anthropology | Osaka University
Presentation, "Politics of Adaptation and Capture: Emergent Ecologies, Planetary Infrastructures and Complex Life"

I am researching the relationship between science, technology and society. Modern life is supported by a variety of technologies, from infrastructures (such as roads and the water supply) to advanced technology (including computing and cutting-edge medicine). The field of “Anthropology of science and technology,” that I specialize in, investigates the ways in which scientific research and technology support and change our daily life. Through fieldwork conducted mainly in Thailand, I have been investigating the interrelationships between machines produced by small and medium-sized local enterprises, the local environment, society, and the artisans who produce the machines. I am currently studying the ways in which a water management infrastructure designed to protect Bangkok from flooding (a large-scale technological system made up of canals, banks, and information networks) has developed in complex relationship with the people and organisms living by the river.