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Dept. of Anthropology | Columbia University
Presentation: " Chemical Kin/esthesia"
Dept. of History | University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Presentation: "Learning to Read: Literacy in the More Than Human Landscapes"
Dept. of Culture and Society | Aarhus University
Symposium Co-Organizer
Wolf Humanities Center | University of Pennsylvania
Presentation: "Filthy Flourishing: Para-Sites, Animal Infrastructure and the Waste Frontier in Kampala"
Dept. of Anthropology and Peabody Museum | Yale University
Presentation: “Disturbing Plants”: Plants, People, and Imagination over the Past ½ Millennium in Indonesia
Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies | University of Puerto Rico-Cayey
Presentation: " Cattle, Capital, Colonization"
Kewalo Marine Laboratory | University of Hawai'i
Presentation: "The Tree-Snail Manifesto: Part I. The Ecological Evolutionary Development of a Pacific Island Tree-Snail (Marine) Biologist"
History of Consciousness | University of California, Santa Cruz
Presentation: "The Tree-Snail Manifesto, Part II. Following the Slime Trails of a Tree Snail (Marine) Biologist"
Laboratoire d'anthropologie sociale | CNRS
Presentation: "Situating the Livestock Revolution: South China as an Influenza Epicenter and as a Site for Bird Spirits"
Dept. of Anthropology | Johns Hopkins University
Presentation: "Discordance and the Event of the River"
Dept. of Anthropology | University of California, Santa Cruz
Symposium Co-Organizer
Dept. of Anthropology | Osaka University
Presentation, "Politics of Adaptation and Capture: Emergent Ecologies, Planetary Infrastructures and Complex Life"
Dept. of Anthropology | York University
Presentation:"Unsettling Ecological Restoration in an Urban Oak Savannah"
School of Environment and Sustainability | University of Michigan
Presentation:"Coffee Landscapes Shaping the Anthropocene: A Socio-Ecological Portrait of Coffee Plantations in the Soconusco Region of Chiapas, Mexico (co-authors, M. Esteli Jimenez-Soto) and John Vandermeer"
Dept. of Anthropology | University of California, Santa Cruz
Conference Monitor
Dept. of Anthropology | Aarhus University
Presentation: "Densities of Industrial Disturbance: Large-scale salmon production, watershed change, and the redistribution of fish"
Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences | National Chiao Tung University
Presentation: "Queer Farming in Patchy Anthropocene: Illegitimate hope of co-species survival"
Dept. of Anthropology University of California, Santa Cruz | School of Culture and Society Dept. of Archaeology Aarhus University
Symposium Co-Organizer
Dept. of Social Anthropology | Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro
Presentation: "Geobricolage against geoengineering: on practical ontologies at the interstices of Empire"