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Magic Chair

In a number of neighborhoods across cities you find temporary chairs comprised of ordinary stone slabs placed on two bricks. These chairs are often used by daily wage laborers, old people or others looking for temporary rest. The Cybermohalla team created an art project  which drew a facade of an ornate sofa behind the two slabs of stone and  called it the Magic Chair. The magic chair was then designated  as a space for speech and potential in which the person occupying the chair could express whatever they wished, while others would have to listen carefully to them. The magic chair captures my interest in the relationship between media and the transformation of intellectual life in urban neighborhoods. It signifies an interesting zone- where absolute potential meets material inequalities, but suspends the latter in favour of the former.

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Participant: Lawrence Liang
Lawyer and Legal Scholar | Alternative Law Forum - Bangalore
Presentation: "Media ka Kshamta: New Media and the Disturbance of Potential"