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Sha Xin Wei

School of Arts, Media & Engineering | Arizona State University
Presentation: "Experimental Ontogenesis and Individuation?"

I'm interested in the architecture of responsive media spaces and the critical study of media arts and sciences. At the intermediate scale, my work concerns the phenomenology of performance, phenomenology of differential geometry, and the technologies of performance. At the finest scale, my work is focused on constructing pliant computational matter: topological media. To inform this work, I'm studying issues related to gesture and performance, sensors and active fabrics, temporal patterns, computer-mediated interaction, geometric visualization and writing systems. 


The Topological Media Lab  which Sha Xin Wei established in 2001 to study gesture and movement from phenomenological as well as computational perspectives, has grown into a small atelier for transversal research at Concordia University in Montreal.

In 2014, Sha Xin Wei established the Synthesis Center  in Arizona to carry on and extend the work of the Topological Media Lab into the domains of architecture, urbanism, place and atmosphere, as well as more refined studies  philosophical and scientific studies of temporality, rhythm and movement.