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Social Science, Health, and Medicine | Kings College London
Symposium Co-Organizer
Art History and Communications Studies | McGill University
Presentation: "Weapons of the Geek"
Sociology & Anthropology | University of Amsterdam/ICI Berlin
Symposium Co-Organizer
Dept. of Anthropology | George Washington University
Presentation: "Media-Piracy's Virtual and Material Entailments in Brazil"
International Studies | Macalester College
Presentation: "The Unbearable Visuality of the News"
Dept. of Anthropology | University of California - Berkeley
Symposium Co-Organizer
Dept. of Visual Studies/Art History | University of Toronto
Presentation: "Gods in the Time of Automobility"
Institute for Society and Genetics | UCLA
Presentation: "Collective Kinds: Participation"
Lawyer and Legal Scholar | Alternative Law Forum - Bangalore
Presentation: "Media ka Kshamta: New Media and the Disturbance of Potential"
Dept. of Anthropology | University of Chicago
Presentation: "The Crisis In Crisis: Visualizing Systemic Collapse in the United States"
Dept. of Anthropology | Columbia University
Presentation: "Sending, Burning: An Archeology of Language as Fetish in the New South Africa"
Dept. of Anthropology | University of Wisconsin - Madison
Presentation: "Defining and Defending Access"
Dept. of Anthropology | University of California - Berkeley
Conference Monitor
Institute for Cultural Anthropology | Leiden University
Presentation: "Reel Accidents: Screening the Ummah under Siege in Wartime Maluku"
Dept. of Cultural Anthropology | Duke University
Presentation: "Occupation In Camera: New Photographic Technologies of Israeli Military Rule"
School of Arts, Media & Engineering | Arizona State University
Presentation: "Experimental Ontogenesis and Individuation?"
Rhetoric Dept. | University of California - Berkeley
Presentation: "Lantern Slide Moments and the Taught Subject, 1906 and 2006"
Dept. of Social/Cultural Anthropology & Graduate Center a.r.t.e.s. | University of Cologne
Presentation: "Mediating Trance - Crafting Publics among Moroccan Sufi-Brotherhoods"