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Sophia Perdikaris

Anthropology and Archaeology | Brooklyn College (CUNY)
Living in the Anthropocene: Long-Term Human Ecodynamics in Barbuda, West Indies

Sophia Perdikaris is an archaeologist, specializing in the analysis of animal remains from archaeological sites in the North Atlantic and the Caribbean. She has extensive field experience and has participated and directed excavations in many parts of the world. She has been excavating in Norway for the last 10 years and in Iceland for five years. Recently she started a Brooklyn College archaeological field school in Barbuda, which takes place every January. Perdikaris is also a coordinator of the NORSEC (Northern Science and Education Center), now based at Brooklyn College, director of the Human Ecodynamics Research Center at GSUC ( and the Barbuda Research Complex. Students interested in Caribbean research or in archaeological field experiences in Barbuda are encouraged to contact her directly at and can see more details of her work and the zooarchaeology lab at