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Alan Barnard

Dept. of Social Anthropology | University of Edinburgh
Presentation: "Unity vs. Interdisciplinarity: The Future of Four-Field Anthropology"

Alan Barnard has done fieldwork with Naro Bushmen (San) and other population groups in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. He has written a dozen books and about a hundred research articles, mainly on Bushmen (San) and other hunter-gatherers, on kinship, and on the history of anthropology. He has edited eight collections, and his work has been translated into seventeen languages. His most recent books are Anthropology and the Bushman (2007), Social Anthropology and Human Origins (2011), and Genesis of Symbolic Thought (2012). He co-edited (with Jonathan Spencer) the Routledge Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology (second edition, 2010). At present he is completing a book entitled Language in Prehistory.