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Dept. of Archaeology & Natural History | Australian National University
Presentation,“Hominin Dispersal and Settlement East of Huxley’s Line: The Role of Sea-Level Changes, Island Size, and Subsistence Behavior” O'Connor et al.

Areas of expertise

  • Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Archaeology
  • Archaeology Of Asia, Africa And The Americas
  • Archaeological Science
  • Archaeology Of New Guinea And Pacific Islands (Excl. New Zealand)
  • Archaeology

Research interests

Australian and Southeast Asian archaeology; Pleistocene colonisation of Island Southeast Asia, Australia and Papua New Guinea by modern humans and the links between these regions; change and continuity across the boundary of the Neolithic transition in Island Southeast Asia; human impacts on the environment, rock art


I am currently conducting a major archaeological research project in East Timor investigating the cultural and environmental changes that took place across the Neolithic transition and into the Metal Age. This project complements and builds on previous research in the eastern Maluku region and Wallacea and current research in Papua New Guinea which is investigating Pleistocene colonisation in Island Southeast Asia and Greater Australia and subsequent patterns of migration, interaction and exchange.